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See what people have to say about Dance Studio "B"...


I enjoyed reading the article in the Wilson Woman section about you. Congrats on 20 years!! You are a gift to every student you teach with your ‘beaming personality’! Good luck on another year.


Megan Hardee, Megan’s Academy of Dance


I would have never used another choreographer outside of you. I was convinced from the day I saw you work with Crystal when she was a little girl in your summer camp. We still have the pictures and video.


As the former President of the Board of Directors of the Arts Council of Wilson, I have seen the impact that Patricia we fondly call “Trish” has had on the children as she worked and prepared them for their dance outines in musical/dance shows through the Act for Youth program at the Arts Council of Wilson. She has a gift to connect with children and indulge them in the wonderful world of dance. When it comes to choreographing a sequence, she has done a phenomenal job of bringing it all together. I highly recommend her skills and talent if you are looking for a gifted creative dance choreographer.


Kenneth Waters, PHR – LinkedIn Recommendation


“Trish, You can just see LOVE radiate from you whenever you have a child near you!!! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!”

Regina Pridgen, Parent​


Watching Annie for family movie night….


Erik: “Does Elizabeth know how to tap dance?”
Nic: “Oh Mrs. Trish can teach anyone to dance anything”.


We love us some Mrs. Trish!

Colleen McCue Saucedo


“Trish is my favorite teacher ever. Can we go to her funeral?”


Amy Fossaceca, Facebook Post


Can not tell you how excited Bailey and Morgan were last night after dance auditions. I have never seen them more excited about dance. They just danced and talked until about midnight. It was just delightful to see the light in their eyes from the love of what you have taught them since they both were 3 years old.


Thank you again for loving my girls.

Margie Norfleet, Parent



Thank you Trish, Lorie and Sowers Photography – these are the best prices we have ever had. Thank you for always thinking of the families. Dance Studio B is by far the “BEST” dance studio in Wilson!!











Patricia Bradshaw! I could not think of anyone more deserving of the lifetime achievement award than you! I can certainly say not only being involved in the theater with you, but also being a part of the loving family we call dance studio b that you are more than just a dance teacher and a choreographer! You are a best friend, mom, and mentor to each one of your babies and there is no one that could live up to what you have done for us all! I love you so much:)


Elizabeth Matrejek, Student

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