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Classes Offered

Enrollment is open to all students from 2 years of age and older regardless of race, nationality, or ethnic origin.  Dance Studio “B” reserves the right to cancel classes due to inadequate enrollment and to place the student in classes according to their age and maturity, physical and artistic abilities.



Ballet is the root of all forms of dance.  Through ballet, the students develop grace, poise, and the correct form and techniques needed in all phases of dance.  Pointe classes are offered to advanced ballet students, at the discretion of the instructor only.  Our dancers' safety is our top priority.


Tap is rhythm in motion.  Beginning level classes will focus on learning basic rhythm patterns starting with simple combinations. More advanced levels will call upon these patterns in more complex rhythm combinations.



Jazz is more free and exciting, and less structured than the other forms of dance.  Jazz draws on the form of ballet, the rhythm of tap, and the current dance trends.  It then blends them all together into a rhythmic and expressive movement.



Contemporary and Modern classes offer dancers the opportunity to release their inner feelings in an outward expression. Dancers learn creative ways to express dramatic content by exploring alternative, choreographed movements to technical steps.

Hip Hop


Hip Hop is a high energy class that explores current dance styles seen on TV and in music videos.  Dances are performed to appropriate hip hop and R&B music.



Beginning levels will be taught in all the basic tumbling skills with a focus on strength and flexibility. More advanced levels will build on executing and mastering more difficult stunts.

Musical Theater


This class focuses on the versatility of performance and being well-rounded in the performance arts. Learn choreography to music from various Broadway shows.  Musical Theater dance classes also focus on enhancing self-esteem, confidence and stage presence.



Clogging is a high energy form of dance, similar to tap. Our studio offers all levels from beginner to advanced so there is something for everyone! Students will be taught both traditional snd contemporary clogging styles.  No previous dance experience is required.


Adult Classes


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced dancer, our studio has a dance class for you! Contact us to discover the adult dance classes being offered each season.

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