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Registration Fee


Registration requires the completion of a short form and signed waiver by the student’s legal guardian, to be completed each season. An annual, $25 non-refundable registration fee must accompany the registration form; $12.50 for each additional family member.  Dancers are asked to complete a registration form and turn in a signed policy slip and waiver of liability form before the first class.

Monthly Tuition


Tuition will be based on 10 months this year.  Class rate is based on our months of dance services, not on the number of lessons.  Dance services include instruction, choreography, costume coordination and the planning of various presentations throughout the season.  Payment is not refundable nor is it discounted for classes missed, holidays or cancelled classes due to inclement weather.  There is no additional charge for five-week months or any extra classes or rehearsals.  When more than one class per month is missed, they may be made up, if possible, in an equivalent class.  

Recital Fee


The Recital Fee is a charge which covers the cost of the facility rental, professional videographer and finished recital DVD, dancer awards and two tickets to the recital performance of your choice.  The Recital Fee is $7 per month and is included in your monthly fee.

Costume Fee


The Costume Fee is a charge per costume (usually one costume per 1 hour dance class).  This fee allows the costume to be ordered early in the season and shipped in a timely manner.  The Costume Fee is $10 per month, per costume, and is included in your monthly fee.

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